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Get Your Rim Repair Done by MM Tires Wherever You Are

Despite your careful driving, rim damage can occur.

All it takes is one whack on a curb or a doozy of a pothole and you suddenly need a rim repair. It might come as a shock when you search for rim repair near Rockland County – there aren’t many options and it’s not exactly convenient. Your wheel needs to be send in, often for a few days.

Rim Repair

Do you have a damaged rim on your car, truck, van, or SUV in Rockland County? In the past, you’d have to replace your rim to correct the pull, air leak, or vibration it caused. MM Tires now offers rim repairs, saving you money on the cost of rim replacements. Bent and cracked rims can cause a bad vibration, an air leak, and they look unsightly. Get your rims looking like new with rim repair, courtesy of MM Tires. We’ll take care of every step, from removal and repair to re-installation. We’ll even put your spare tire on in the meantime.

MM Tires makes the process easier. As a mobile tire shop, we’ll come to you, remove your bent rim and install your spare tire. We’ll send your tire for a bent rim repair to a local repair facility, then reinstall it on your car when it’s back in shape (which is round!)

Can My Aluminum Rims Be Repaired?

In most cases, yes! While it’s more difficult to repair aluminum rims, they can often be repaired like new, saving you a bunch of money instead of replacement. If you’re not sure if your aluminum rims can be repaired, give us a call. We’ll come check it out and give you our professional opinion

Does MM Tires Perform Rim Repairs?

MM Tires works closely with local rim repair shops. While we don’t repair the rims ourselves, our convenient service takes care of all the hard work for you. We’ll take your damaged wheel off, send it for repair, and install it once it’s fixed.

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I hit a pothole, my Tire was losing air, knowing I had insurance on my tires all I had to do was call MM tires and they took care of the rest. They fixed my tire and dealt with the insurance company. Quickest and Best Service. You won't be disappointed. They are avail 24 hours a day, you can't beat that!

Victor Wolf


We do not. MM Tires partners with a few local rim repair shops to have a high-quality product each and every time, and in a reasonable time frame. We’ll do all the hard work – remove your wheel, take the tire off, and send out your rim to the repair shop. Once it’s fixed, we’ll install it back on your car for you.

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It’s up to you. If you have wheels that can be installed in lieu of the wheels being sent for repair, you can continue to use your car while the rim repair is being completed. If it’s just one rim, we can install your spare tire for you. Otherwise, we are unable to keep your car mobile while more than one rim repair is being performed at one time.

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Corrosion on many rims today can be refinished to closely match its original condition. Some painted rims may not match completely with your other wheels due to fading or differences in paint manufacturers, paint code, or other reasons. In cases where refinishing is possible, the surface will be completely stripped of corrosion and refinished.

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Sometimes. If there’s a section of your rim broken from the lip, it will need to be filled in with the same material to restore its ability to seal. Small sections can be filled with welded-in material to repair your rim, then finished to match your rim’s appearance. If it’s a large piece of your rim that has broken off, it may require replacement instead.

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Chrome rims are delicate. Cosmetic damage on a chrome rim is extremely difficult to repair, especially to match the finish of your other undamaged rims. We cannot guarantee scratched chrome repairs are possible.

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