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Valve Stem Replacement

Valve Stem Replacement

The valve stem is the gateway into your tire, through which the tire is inflated. Once the air is in, it’s supposed to stay on the inside. But your tire can still leak, even without a puncture. A leaking valve stem can leave you with a flat tire unexpectedly. It could be a straightforward fix by tightening the core, or it might require a valve stem replacement. Regardless of the repair required, it’s a quick fix. If your valve stems are causing you issues, call MM Tires for quick and efficient valve stem replacement at your home or office in just a few minutes.

We Replace Valve Stems

If your tire is losing air all the time, it might not be a puncture or tire leak at all. It could be a leaking or broken tire valve stem. Avoid a flat tire by addressing the leak with tire valve stem replacement. MM Tires is a mobile tire shop service Rockland County. One of our service trucks will come to you and install a replacement valve stem.

We Work on All Vehicles

If you need a car tire valve stem, a tire repaired, or valve stem core replacement on your SUV, we’ll take care of you. One easy call is all it takes. MM Tires will come to you at home or at the office, usually within an hour or so. We’ll change your valve stem in just a few minutes so you can carry on with your day.

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Wow!!! They literally have a full fledged Mechanic shop on wheels!
I called at 11pm they came down in no time and took care from A-Z in a very professional way, all with a smile.

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If your valve stem is leaking from the core, we can try tightening it to stop the leak. Otherwise, your leaking valve stem must be replaced. Valve stems are typically non-serviceable, but they are also inexpensive and quick to change.

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Replacing a valve stem is a very quick procedure. In most cases, we can change a valve stem on your wheel and install it on your car in 10 minutes or less.

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Yes. It’s more than just aesthetically pleasing. Valve stem caps prevent dust, dirt and moisture from causing the valve stem core from being damaged or seizing.

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In most cases, yes! We will program your TPMS sensors after replacing the sensor or changing its position on your car. If your sensor can only be programmed by the dealership, we’ll inform you and walk you through your options.

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Unfortunately, no. Valve stems on many vehicles contain a TPMS sensor, which only needs to be replaced if it fails. If you need valve stem replacement while your tires are being changed, make sure you let us know and we will accommodate.

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